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 Product Specifications


1.battery Type:Li-ion
2. Capacity :2600mAH /9.6Wh
3.Input:Micro USB 5V /1000mA
7.Dust proof
8.different middle rubber color

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 User Guide

How to use the power bank  to charge your device

Open the plastic cover on the USB socket of the power bank.Connect the USB output socket of the powerbank,

and the input socket of the device, which need to charge, with the Micro USB cable (for devices not with Micro input
socket, please use the original USB cable, or choose the correct connector in the package,

and connect it with the Micro USB cable). Then press the power button, turn on the powerbank.

The powerbank will scan all available devices on loaded automatically and start charging.

Iff no available devices are on loaded, the powerbank will turn off automatically.

LED lights keep lighting while charging, to show the statue and remain power.
Disconnect all parts and keep well for next time use.

The powerbank will shut down automatically.


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