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 Product Specifications

Battery Type: li-pollymer battery
Capacity: 3000mAh
Input: Micro USB 5V/1000mA
Output: USB 5V/1200mA

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1. Slim design, High ckets.
2. Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety.
3. The smart LEDs display of rcapacity of 3000mAh


 User Guide

1. Please completely full charge the powerbank in first usage.
2. Please make sure that use standard cable with appropriate specification, or it may  lead to the powerbank damage.
3. Please confirm the voltage of the electric device is 5V before charging it.
4. Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the powerbank by yourself.
5. Do not immerse or put the powerbank in water or damp place.
6. Do not expose or put the powerbank near to heat sources or flammable place..
7. Do not put the powerbank in car, for Strong light and high temperature will lead to  product damage.
8. Keep the powerbank away from children.
9. Do not put any item into the powerbank USB input and output ports to avoid any   shortcut or damage.
10. Please make a complete charge every four month to avoid shorten the powerbank life span.

How to use the powerbank
1. Turn on the powerbank: short press the power key, let the LED power indicator start constantly, it means the power start.
2. Turn off the powerbank: short press the power key, let the LED power indicator  close, it means the power close.

How to charge powerbank
1. Charge by Computer or Adapter: connect the powerbank with USB cable or Micro USB connector.
2. For DC input: use Micro USB plug For DC output: use USB plug
3. The last LED will flicker when charging the powerbank.
4. The LED indicators will light when full charged.


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