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 Product Specifications


Battery type: Li-pol battery

Capacity: 23000mAh(3.7V)/4000mAh(14.8V)/85Wh

Input: DC 15-24V 2000mA

Output: DC 12V, 16V, 19V/20V-4500mA

              USB 5V/2500mA


Dimension: 185*125*17mm
Weight: 560g


1. High capacity: With high capacity Li-polymer batteries.
2. Long life: rechargeable Li-polymer batteries, up to more than 500 circles, the power can still remain 80% after 3 month.
3. High security: protection for overcharge, over discharge, overloading, and short circuit.

 User Guide

The LCD screen lights up 5 seconds to indicate that loading has begun. and the remain power also shows on the LCD screen.

 How to use:
1. Charge the powerbank
1) Choose correct AC adapter (16.8V-19V,2A) , connect the adater and the powerbank to start charging.
2) The LED lights will turn on one by one while charging.
3) Seperate the adapter and powerbank after finishing charging.
2. How to use the powerbank charge mobile phone, MP3 player …
1.Connect the USB cable to the USB plug of powerbank.
2.Choose correct mobile phone connector to connct the device which need to charge.
3.Any device of 5V can be recharged anywhere with powerbank : iPhone,iPod,mobile phones, headsets bluetooth, Mp3, video games consoles ...
3. How to the powerbank charge a laptop or a portable player…
Powerbank can charging any laptop anywhere and make a runtime about 3 to 4 hours depending on model and type of use.
1.Confirm the voltage of the device(12V/16V/19V), push the switch to select the correct output voltage.
2.Choose the correct connector for the device need to charge.
3.Connect the powerbank and the device which need to charge with the DC cable and connector, LED light will turn on to indicate the charge is going.
4.Seperate these devices and keep them for the next time using.


1. When charging the mobile charger, only use our original adaptor, otherwise the mobile charger maybe damaged.
2. Please charger the mobile charger completely before the first time using it.
3. Before charging the electric device, please confirm the voltage of the electric device.
4. Don’t drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the charger by yourself.
5. Don’t immerse the charger in water or make it wet.
6. Don’t expose the charger to a heat source as fire or heater,
7. Keep out of reach of children.
8. Don’t use in the presence of flammable gas.
9. When the mobile charger charging notebook, if the notebook hints that non-original power supplier, this phenomena is OK.


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